“Due to the COVID-19 restrictions this event has been cancelled.”

Despite the ever changing restrictions and regulations in this Corona pandemic we were still hoping and waiting for circumstances that would make it possible to organise Amsterdam Lettering Weekend next May without too many health and financial risks. 

And although we are still very optimistic that things will change for the better in the near future, at this moment international travel is still quite a challenge. Most importantly, at this moment there are no guarantees that our teachers are even able to leave their countries without too many complicating factors before May or soon after that. 

That is why we had to make the very hard and very sad decision to cancel the event again for this year. For now we have decided not to make any new plans until there is a better perspective on organising something similar, without too many complicating factors, responsibilities and risks.

If that happens you will be the first to be informed via this mailing list. Until then, stay healthy and stay safe. 

Best wishes on behalf of the Amsterdam Lettering Weekend team,

Pieter, Liane, Gustavo and Gaston