Gaston the Painter


Gaston is a self-taught sign painter and lettering artist based in Melbourne, Australia, who managed to turn his passion into a career throughout hard work and dedication. Apart from painting signs, designing logos and typefaces, Gaston travels the world teaching his letter styles.

Architect Casuals is Gaston’s signature style. It’s based on Architectural Lettering, a practical, versatile form of Lettering, originally taught to designers and draftsmen in Technical Drawing courses. This typographic style ensured speed, legibility and uniformity in pre-computer work environments. It was be found in architectural plans, blueprints, or in the handwriting of senior designers. Architect Casual letters can be pushed, pulled, squished or stretched, and will creep into your handwriting quicker than you expect! In this workshop you will learn about the origins of this alphabet, it’s variants, and it’s rules – so as to later break them and develop your own style!

Indispensable in a Signpainter’s repertoire, the Painter Casuals originate from the tradesmen’s need of having a quick and versatile style up their sleeves when working with the paintbrush. This slick and personal style changes from hand to hand, and is considered a ‘Signpainter’s fingerprint’, because of how recognisable each painter’s handiwork would become. Whether performed with a marker or a brush, these letters pack a punch and carry a lot of character!

Armed with pencils, markers, and brushes, Gastón will teach you the strokes and mechanics that constitute this particular style, it’s rules and characteristics, and will help you develop your very own style of Painter Casuals!

Instagram: @gastonthepainter